Babe of the Month for February – Aletta Chen


Nee Hao Magazine’s Babe of the Month for February 2014 – A beauty from China’s An Hui province, Miss Aletta Chen. She is currently a Business Management student, studying at the University of the West of England.

Current Location: Bristol, UK
现居地 : 布里斯托

From: He Fei City, An Hui Province, China
来自 : 安徽 合肥

Profession: Student


What do you like doing in your spare time? I like dancing a lot, shopping is my second favourite thing to do, then watching movies, traveling and sometimes I just want to relax at home. In general, I like eating and sleeping, haha~ My friends called me “The Queen of Gastronome”.
兴趣爱好 : 我喜欢跳舞,逛街,看电影,旅行,偶尔会想要宅在家里。另外,我也喜欢吃饭睡觉,哈哈~   因此被朋友起外号“吃货女王”。

Dreams: Be a superwoman hahaha!
理想 : 女强人,哈哈哈~

What’s your favourite fashion style? It’s hard to say which particular style because I like all the good styles. Maybe we can put it this way, the style suits me the best is my favourite fashion style.
最喜爱时尚风格 : 这个嘛,有点难说,因为都很喜欢,哈哈,不过最喜欢的应该是最适合我自己的风格吧。


Any skincare tips to share with Nee Hao readers? All in all I use skincare products with the hydration benefits. Aqua is the essential protective layer of the skin. In addition, having quality sleep is good for the skin; I also like to apply a mask after removing make-up or during bath time.
请与你好杂志的读者们分享下护肤心得: 在护肤方面,我都是用保湿系列的产品,因为水是肌肤必不可少的保护层,能够起到一定的呵护作用。另外,护肤第二法宝就是要有充足的睡眠哦~我也非常热衷于面膜,泡澡时或者卸妆后来片面膜,对皮肤好处多多哦~

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Maldives, heehee~ I love the ocean!!

Favourite food: Too many! Seafood, fruits, hotpot, beef, and snacks. I love all kinds of foods especially when I get hungry.
最喜爱美食: 这可就多啦,一时半会想不起来,哈哈,例如:海鲜,水果,火锅,牛肉,猪蹄,各种零食都很喜欢,当然啦,饿的时候都很喜欢吃。

Enjoy or not enjoy clubbing? Yes, of course!

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Check out the photos Nee Hao and CCG’s CNY party on a ship on the 8th February. Sponsored by Cosmedocs of Harley Street London, Darts Live, Smiley, and Joanne Tse London.

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