Babe of the Month for March: Miss NaNa Liu


Nee Hao Magazine’s Babe of the Month for March 2014 – Miss NaNa Liu (柳曦颖),

NaNa is an entrepreneur in the real estate sector and a professional model. Her passions include arts & culture and working for animal welfare causes.

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

现居地:加拿大 多伦多

From: Xiamen, China

来自 : 厦门

Profession: Model, real estate investor

职业 : 模特, 房地产投资商

What do you like doing in your spare time?  Travel, reading and music

兴趣爱好 : 旅行, 阅读以及听音乐

Dream Job? Working for animal welfare causes

理想: 为争取动物权益的工作

Favourite fashion brand: Lamborghini, Chanel

最喜爱的时尚品牌: 兰博基尼, 香奈儿

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Favourite artist: Lana Del Rey, Armin Van Burren, Calvin Harris, Morgan Page,

Dash Berlin, Skrillex



Any beauty tips to share with Nee Hao readers? Just be happy, you’ll be beautiful.

请与你好杂志的读者们分享下美容心得 : 时刻保持愉快的心情, 人自然而然就会变美.

What’s your favourite film? Titanic, The Great Gatsby

最喜爱电影:泰坦尼克号, 了不起的盖茨比

Favourite food: Steak


Enjoy or not enjoy clubbing? LOVE CLUBBING!!!


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