Nee Hao’s Video Karaoke Competition with iRig Voice

Enter Nee Hao Magazine’s Video Karaoke Competition by submitting a video of yourself singing. The competition’s goal is to encourage more people in the British Chinese community to get involved in music and to give a platform for singers to showcase their talents.

We have teamed up with IK Multimedia, the global leader in mobile apps and accessories for musicians and music fans on the move. They have supplied 10 iRig® Voice microphones for Nee Hao to give to the first 10 video submissions we receive.

Each video submitted, will be put to the vote by readers. The video with the most votes when the competition ends on September 30th 2014, will be deemed the winner.

To help us kickstart the competition, 29-year-old British born Kap Lee from Dorset has submitted the first video.

Prizes for the winner

1) A professional music video shot for the winner

2) An opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of people at a Nee Hao Event

3) A cash prize of £200


 iRig® Voice

The new iRig® Voice microphone line – the fun, easy-to-use and affordable vocal microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. iRig Voice comes with the new free EZ Voice app, which lets you quickly and easily sing along and record with any song on your iOS or Android mobile device’s music library.

iRig Voice provides a unidirectional close voice pickup that’s tuned for optimal vocal frequency range reproduction. It has an on/off slide switch for quick muting, and it connects through the microphone/headphone jack found on all iOS and Android devices providing a stereo output to connect headphones or earbuds for private practice and performance.

Fun and Easy to Use for Everyone

iRig Voice is extremely easy to use. Simply connect the microphone, connect headphones or speakers, launch its free EZ Voice companion app (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android) and you are ready to start singing for hours of fun. You don’t need any audio skills to use EZ Voice, it’s the simple-to-use sing along app that lets you quickly and easily import your favourite songs from your music library, cancel the original vocals and add professional quality effects like reverb, chorus, pitch correction and more. Then when you’re ready, EZ Voice lets you record your performances and share them with the world via email or SoundCloud. With EZ Voice, iRig Voice is packed with a powerful app that can turn any mobile device into a fun, great sounding vocal and recording suite.


全球移动音乐应用和配件的领头羊IK Multimedie不久前发布了全新iRig® Voice麦克风系列. 这是一个兼容iOS和Android的时尚K歌麦克风. iRig Voice同时带来免费的EZ Voice应用,让使用者可以简单快速地取iOS或Android设备中的歌曲来进行演唱和录音。

iRig Voice专为高品质录音设计,并且可以完美兼容最热门的K歌和音乐软件如IK的EZ Voice及合作伙伴软件-天籁K歌,K歌达人及爱唱。此外,国外的众多热门软件也是iRig Voice的完美搭档,如Smule’s Sing! Karaoke,AutoRap,The Voice: On Stage by StarMaker, musiXmatch 等等。

麦克风采用了人体工程学设计,使其具备出色的手握舒适度,同样它兼容绝大部分标准麦克风支架,因此可以无压力轻松带上舞台使用。最大化的简单定向性设计可以在使用音响系统时将反馈(啸叫)可能降到最低. iRig Voice提供了一个定向性近距离声音采样系统可以最佳地再现理想的人声频率。它带有一个开/关按钮可以快速静音,同时配备的麦克风/耳机接口可以在iOS和Android设备上提供立体声输出来连接耳机,以满足练习和表演需求。


麦克风的使用方法非常简单,只需连接到麦克风接口,接上耳机或音箱,开启免费的EZ Voice应用(适用于iPhone,iPad,iPod touch和Android)就可以开始尽情地演唱了。EZ Voice的简单设计让你无需专业技巧,只需通过简单的步骤就可以快速导入设备中的歌曲并开始演唱。同时使用者还可以消除原声并添加专业的特效例如:混响, 和声和音高调整等。使用EZ Voice录音后还可以通过Email或SoundCloud来分享作品。有了EZ Voice,iRig Voice,你的移动设备将变成一个随时随地都能K歌和录音的平台。

麦克风有五种时尚的颜色让使用者在舞台上尽情炫耀:绿色,蓝色,黄色,粉色和白色。 iRig Voice目前售价¥328人民币(约30英镑),在IK Multimedia全球的乐器及零售商店以及网店均有售。而EZ Voice可以从App StoreSM和Google Play™中免费下载.

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