East Asian Cinematic Highlights

British Chinese actor, Lucy Sheen
East Asian Cinematic Highlights (E.A.C.H.) is an evening of films which aims to promote and celebrate the work of a diverse group of UK-based East Asian film-makers in a packed programme including one feature and several eclectic shorts, boldly challenging cliched perceptions of Britain’s third largest ethnic minority group.Saturday, 1st November

6.30pm – A programme of 4 shorts:

May Wong (dir: Shan Ng)  Dreamy, majestic and haunting meditation on the life of the iconic American-Chinese silent film  actress Anna May Wong

Mercutio’s Dreaming: The Killing Of A Chinese Actor (dir: Daniel York) A  bitingly funny and madcap satire on the perils of being an East Asian actor in Britain today. Commissioned by BBC Writersroom

Granny’s Ghost (dir: Lab Ky Mo) Belfast’s Chinese community brought quirkily and vividly to the screen in a beautifully surreal comedy.

Handuken (dir: Chris Chung) Glorious homage to Hong Kong action cinema that adds its own special ingredient of irresistibly mischievous humour.

8.00pm – Feature screening:

Ping Pong (dir: Po Chih Leong) Seminal 1986 comedy-mystery feature film starring two pioneering British Chinese actors, David Yip and Lucy Sheen.  The first ever film set in London’s Chinatown.

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