The First UK Dragon and Lion Dance Festival in London Chinatown

The First UK Dragon and Lion Dance Festival was held in London Chinatown yesterday.

Organised by The London Chinatown Chinese Association ( LCCA), martial arts cultural practitioners and community groups lit up Chinatown with colourful performances.

There was a ceremony by the Dragon and Lion dance teams of England to pay tribute to the late Wing Chun Sifu, Sifu Joseph Man. It was a fitting tribute to the legendary Wing Chun Grandmaster, who inspired many to learn martial arts in London.

The ceremony was watched by Sifu Joseph Man’s family. His daughter Tresa Man said: “It was a beautiful ceremony. The ‘Man Sisters’, our family and Jun Mo are very honoured.”

“On behalf of Jun Mo and the Man family, we would also like to thank the following martial arts organisations, we respect and honour all of them, (智武國術會) Chi Mo Chinese Martial Arts Club, (英國忠正龍獅體育會) Chung Ching Dragon and Lion Dance Club, (英國白眉鄧祖德國術體育總會) UK PAK MEI MASTER TANG CHO TAK Association, (英國龍形體育總會) Dragon Style Athletic Association and (蜜維龍獅體育會) Medway Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association. “

*Jun Mo is the name of Sifu Joseph Man’s school, given to him by his Sifu, the late Grandmaster Lee Shing. Grandmaster Lee Shing passed away in 1991. He was The first European and U.K representative of the Yip Man Athletic Association.


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