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Donna Oliveiro on cancer, motherhood and makeup

Donna Oliveiro is one of a kind. She’s a relentless dream pursuer, a makeup artist, and most of all, a loving mother. Her battle with cancer empowered her with a renewed determination to follow her calling – whilst learning how to appreciate good health, family and the little things. She’s worked with industry-leading makeup artist Adam De Cruz as well as participated in many other shoots and events. Nee Hao Magazine shares this inspirational story where Donna reflects upon her rekindled passion for life.

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Miss Pearl of Asia UK 2013 Contestants

Miss Pearl of Asia UK is a luxurious beauty pageant which will be held at the Camden Centre, King’s Cross, London on the 16th November 2013. The pageant represents a diversity of young aspiring women from countries in Asia.


The Allure of Multi-talented Julia Mei

Julia Mei’s determination to succeed in a variety of platforms is impressive – young and beautiful, the ambitious entertainer has won the hearts of many fans including Nee Hao Magazine’s. She has garnered over 8,000 likes on her Facebook Fan Page, made public appearances at corporate and festive events, and been featured in various magazines


Pervert proof stockings photo from China goes viral

A quirky fashion designer in China has come up with an ingenious idea to prevent unwanted attention from men looking at the legs of women, in what was described by a person on Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) as the ultimate pervert proof piece of clothing every female should have. The unique design of the


Character(s) of a Cosplayer: Jacqueline Tse

Training as an accountant, Jacqueline Tse is much more than first meets the eye; she’s an all-rounder that seems to do everything. Literally, everything. From piano to violin, running to swimming, graphic designing to drawing, calligraphy to photography, singing to costume-making… well, you’re probably catching our drift already. Unfortunately, her vast collection of talents and


Beibei’s Checkmate Outfit: Post #1

The newest addition to our team is here! Welcome Beibei Wu, Nee Hao Magazine’s official fashion guru. Aside from corporate experiences with Harrods and LV, she’s never studied fashion but certainly loves styling her outfits into complementing creations.   This look is inspired by the latest black and white checkerboard trend, that’s become popular with celebrities