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Manchester’s Dragon Boat Festival on 1 June

Manchester’s Dragon Boat Festival on 1 June

Manchester’s Dragon Boat Festival will take place on the 1st June 2014. The Dragon Boat Race is a fun and a highly effective way to encourage team building. It is an opportunity to share Chinese culture in the UK and to commemorate the important historical Duan Wu Festival


An Interview with Hanzi WallChart founder

Kyle Balmer is the entrepreneur behind the Hanzi Wallchart. It is a simple and effective tool for mastering the high-frequency characters in the Chinese language. Originally from London, Kyle moved to China to accelerate his study of Chinese culture, whilst following the idea of an automated “muse” business espoused by Tim Ferriss, that one can run a business regardless of location as long as there is an internet connection and a laptop.


China Independent Film Festival UK Tour

A pioneering UK celebration of the 10th anniversary of the China Independent Film Festival will take place 12 — 15 May 2014 in Newcastle, then touring to Nottingham (16-18) and London (16-17). Organised by the China Independent Film Festival and the University of Newcastle in partnership with the University of Nottingham and the China Visual Festival.


Nee Hao Editor Steven Ip’s Chinese New Year Message

I would like to wish you a warm and lovely Lunar New Year Season. It has been a great learning experience and pleasure for the Nee Hao Team to report on issues of importance and interest that affect the East Asian Community both in the UK and overseas. It has also been a delight receiving your feedback and encouragement over the years. As Nee Hao enters the Year of the Horse, we aim to do more to support the Chinese and East Asian communities in Britain.