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Foods that heal the body part they look like

Nature has a natural way to give us signs for what to eat to heal a certain body part. Did you know that some foods which are very good for a particular part of the body actually looks like that organ? Often in our busy lives, whatever problems we are experiencing, the solutions are right in front of us and we miss clear clues showing its obvious importance.

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Nee Hao’s Top 5 London Cheap Eats and Treats

Are you looking for some cheap, good East Asian eats in London? Sick of lunches and dinners that comprise of unauthentic, poorly imitated chain restaurant meals (that are often overpriced)? Have a little read of Nee Hao’s favourite cheap eats in and around London!


Durian – The King of Fruits

This is sort-of strange, as almost any fruit or vegetable with a somewhat appealing taste has long become a universally cultivated crop. And not that the durian would be lacking in taste appeal. Those who like durian typically regard it as the king of fruit.