Fun articles

Credit: Mohammad Ismail

Afghanistan man who looks like Bruce Lee

Images of Abbas Alizada – a hardcore Bruce Lee fan – have been going viral across the web recently as he is not only obsessed with the late Hong Kong action star but also, according to many, looks a lot like him.


Jeremy Lin pranks fans at Madame Tussauds

Jeremy Lin visited Madame Tussauds San Francisco for the unveiling of his LA Lakers clad wax figure. While visiting Lin took the opportunity to surprise some guests who couldn’t tell the difference between the wax figure and the flesh-and-blood athlete.


August Babe of the Month: Jamie Hoang

Jamie Hoang is Nee Hao’s Babe of the Month, in our double babe special for August. The 21-one-year-old from Newcastle but currently based in London, is a rising star on the YouTube circuit. Jamie has a range of favourite fashion styles ranging from cute, classy to vintage.

Russian motobike accident


高速上发生车祸通常不会是小事,可是神奇的一幕就发生在了俄罗斯靠近科罗廖夫市的一个高速桥上。不得不佩服俄国随便个路人都身怀绝技呀。神奇360度后空翻,车撞了个稀巴烂, 车主一点事没有, 真是惊呆了!


Bachelor of the month for August – William Li

Nee Hao’s Bachelor of the Month for August is the cool and handsome William Li, a corporate Lawyer based in London. He is a big foodie fan and enjoys nothing more than a medium rare steak with a glass of red wine.