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August Babe of the Month: Jamie Hoang

Jamie Hoang is Nee Hao’s Babe of the Month, in our double babe special for August. The 21-one-year-old from Newcastle but currently based in London, is a rising star on the YouTube circuit. Jamie has a range of favourite fashion styles ranging from cute, classy to vintage.

Russian motobike accident


高速上发生车祸通常不会是小事,可是神奇的一幕就发生在了俄罗斯靠近科罗廖夫市的一个高速桥上。不得不佩服俄国随便个路人都身怀绝技呀。神奇360度后空翻,车撞了个稀巴烂, 车主一点事没有, 真是惊呆了!


Bachelor of the month for August – William Li

Nee Hao’s Bachelor of the Month for August is the cool and handsome William Li, a corporate Lawyer based in London. He is a big foodie fan and enjoys nothing more than a medium rare steak with a glass of red wine.