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Amazing 3D Art Painted in Layers of Resin

Check out these amazing aquatic paintings from Singaporean artist Keng Lye.
The artist uses a method of painting on multiple layers of crystal clear resin to make it look three dimensional and extremely life like.

Long Live the Great Union

The Harmonious Society Workshop London

The workshop will provide an insight into the upcoming largest exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art in the UK, Harmonious Society. In attendance will be speakers at the forefront of Chinese contemporary art curating.

The Three Lives of Buddha

Sculptor Shi Zhongying’s overseas fellowship

Chinese sculptor Shi Zhongying is currently in London contemplating the relationship between sculpture and landscape in preparation for his new body of work. Shi, Professor of Art and Design at Beijing Forestry University, is travelling on an overseas research fellowship granted by the China Artists Association.

Monkey, sandy, Pigsy, Tripitaka_2014

Illustrator Stanley Chow’s Manchester Exhibition

Stanley Chow’s work is all about his home, Manchester. Born in 1974 he grew up, studied and continues to live and work in Manchester to this date. As a local club DJ, Chow started designing and illustrating flyers and posters for the venues he played in and has never looked back.

XU ZHEN - Eternity

Manchester: Largest exhibition of Chinese contemporary art

The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art (CFCCA) is to stage the largest exhibition of Chinese contemporary art in the UK to date. It will feature over 30 major artists from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and, exhibiting across six key spaces in Manchester


Maybe This World is Another Planet’s Hell

Jing Hu is an artist who examines ideas around flux, migration, urban-life with aesthetic codes as markers of identity and aspirations. She was born in China, grew up in Singapore and has lived in a few different countries. Art has been her visual journal depicting disparate elements in my life inspired by specific people and places.