The first recorded instance of a Chinese person in Britain – Michael Fuzong Shen (1687)

Shen Fuzong [Michael Alphonsus] (c.1658–1691), traveller and convert to Christianity, was born at Nanking (Nanjing) in Kiangnan (Jiangnan) province along the southern side of the Yangtze (Yangzi) River in the Qing empire. His father, a physician, probably converted to Catholicism in the 1670s. Following this the young Shen received a Christian baptismal name and met […]

‘British Lion, Chinese Dragon’ – National Army Museum Collaborates With Anglo-Chinese Community To Tell Forgotten Story

During the First World War over 100,000 Chinese citizens contributed to the allied war effort by serving in the Chinese Labour Corps. British units, such as the Royal Hong Kong Regiment, had thousands of Chinese soldiers within them. To commemorate their contribution and tell their forgotten stories, the National Army Museum (NAM) has launched a new […]