Vertical farming structures proposed in Tai Po, Hong Kong

Tai Po District, with an area of some 14,800 hectares in the northeast New Territories, is the second largest administrative district in Hong Kong. JAPA Architects proposed this site because they believe its proximity to the high-rise developments of the Kowloon-Hong Kong area is a positive aspect to propose a low food mileage vertical production infrastructure which can feed […]

WhatsApp rival WeChat surpasses 100 million users outside China

Messi in We Chat advert Messaging service WeChat announced today that it has passed 100 million registered user accounts outside China, double the figure from just three months ago, as its international presence grows amid aggressive global marketing. This comes right after we reported yesterday that WeChat and its Weixin counterpart (which only users in China get) have hit a combined new […]

Halo Belt – A Bright Entrepreneurial Idea

HALO is a San Francisco based company, started by Vincent Ng and his business partner, with a goal of merging safety, fashion, and culture into an essential everyday product. It is the “World’s First LED Safety Belt”. The strength and appeal of this unique belt lies in the people who believe in the product with financial […]

The LYTRO camera, shoot then focus.

This new innovative camera lets you take pictures like never before. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction at every point in space. Since you’ll capture the color, intensity, and direction of all the light, […]

What the new iPhone may look like

The GIGA network, one of Germany biggest technology and entertainment portals have made a prototype of what the upcoming iPhone will look like based on the rumours circulating around, inside information and existing evolution of the technology. Although only Apple will know what the actual new iPhone will be like, the people at GIGA have […]

iPhone Alarm Clock issue fixed today.

Apple said that the alarm clock problem will be fixed today. On New Year’s day and January 2nd 2011, we have had readers sending in comments from all over the UK and even Hong Kong saying the alarm on their iPhone failed to go off making them late for work and various other appointments. While […]