The art of stacking in China by Alain Delorme

French Photographer Alain Delorme was fascinated by street merchants loads, especially how workers could stack laughable amounts of weight upon their backs and then move smoothly through a bustling city (Shanghai) full of expansion and economic growth. This photo series, titled “Totems” has captured a documentary style feel of Chinese society and the smaller trades […]

Creative Journey of Photographer Jeff Hui

Jeff Hui’s chameleon-like talent has found itself serving brands such as Harry Rosen and in stunning conceptual shoots displaying soul, stylistic traits and depth. After enrolling in a Graphic Design and Printing program at Centennial College in 1998, Hui showed great creative potential when he landed a position as creative director at a company only […]

GLOBAL VOICES SERIES – Photographer Julius Ding

This is part of an on-going series of interviews by Yinsey Wang with East Asian voices around the globe. The series aims to introduce perspectives from different walks of life. Canada-based Julius Ding’s work inspires emotive and astounding wonder when interacted with. A masterful bewitcher of light, Ding composes visual prose in his dynamic style […]

Between East & West: The British Chinese

An artistic investigation by Mike Tsang into what it means to be a British Born Chinese – featuring 15 photographic portraits, archival imagery & written interviews. Award-winning photographer Mike Tsang opens a groundbreaking photographic exhibition showcasing the fascinating stories of the British Born Chinese and their families’ journeys to Britain. Howard and his sister Vivien are […]

Hayward Gallery showcases fashion designer Momo Wang’s creation at new China exhibition

Art of Change: New Direction from China at Hayward Gallery, London.Photo by Linda Nylind for Southbank Centre. To celebrate the opening of the Hayward Gallery’s Art of Change: New Directions from China exhibition (7 September – 9 December 2012), a model dressed in a creation by London-based Chinese fashion designer Momo Wang takes part in Yingmei Duan’s performance […]