Shu Fa at Cricket Ground Lake District

Shu fa is the Chinese art and theorem of writing, traditionally known as calligraphy, which the Yangjiang Group utilise as a unique form to develop diverse contemporary art practices and experiences. Yangjiang is an artistic group founded in 2002 by Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin. They used the name Yangjiang as a tribute to a new […]

Social enterprise film Fortune Cookies

Social enterprise feature film Fortune Cookies is now one step nearer to Production with the support of Elstree Film Studios, which has pledged provision of studio space for the fictional game show section of the film’s shoot. A quirky British comedy, Fortune Cookies centres around the heart of a Chinese family who are obsessed with Les […]

Kristin and Kayla

Jason Lee from San Ramon, CA, has two main passions in his life, his family and photography. He decided to combine the two with amazingly artistic results. In November 2006, he started a personal blog that chronicled the lives of his 2 daughters, Kristin and Kayla. You can really see the love between father and daughters coming […]

Chinatown Arts Space London

Chinatown Arts Space (CAS) was initiated in 2003 by a group of British East Asian (BEA) artists who foresaw the need to champion the development of East Asian performing and visual arts in London. Led by Yellow Earth Theatre (YET), the UK’s flagship BEA company, a consortium was formed with support from Westminster City Council […]