Project New Sun: Exploring Chinese culture or is it a self-loathing China-bashing monologue?

Photo credit – Chris Chan  – Comedy show Gongs, Songs & Hong Kong Thongs courtesy of China Changing, South Bank Centre The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of  Nee Hao  By Paul Wu – Guest contributor I had been looking forward to seeing Project New Sun: “a double bill exploring Chinese culture in modern day […]

Celebrating the China Britain partnership – A River All Red and The Phoenix Returns Home

China’s Golden Week saw 300,000 Chinese visitors descend on London, an increase of a third from last year’s holiday, and 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the Ambassadorial diplomatic ties between China and Britain. So, this is an important time in the bilateral partnership between the two countries. To celebrate this international relationship the China […]

British-Chinese talents in the entertainment industry – Actor Linda Louise Duan

Emmanuelle Khoo – Film and Entertainment Editor  Nee Hao starts off its exclusive five-part series that engages in a meaningful conversation with British-Chinese talents in the entertainment industry. From audition tips to guilty pleasures, ongoing debates of British-Chinese identity to East Asian stereotypes in film, Emmanuelle Khoo uncovers an underlying narrative of what it means […]

Opening ceremony of Master Dahan with Mark Slaats from Littleton & Hennessy

Mark Slaats, art consultant and antiques dealer at art advisory group Littleton & Hennessy provided the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of Dahan: Contemporary Monk Painting, at the Mall Galleries in London. Mark Slaats said: “I really loved some of Master Dahan’s work – which combines Chinese and Western aesthetics.  Chinese art, both antiques […]