Investorist Live heads to China, matchmaking global developers and stock-hungry real estate selling agents

The latest in a series of successful live networking events, Investorist Live is heading east to China this September. The world’s largest off plan B2B property marketplace will be holding a week-long exclusive Live event in Beijing and Shanghai from 5th – 9th September 2016. 10 leading global real estate developers representing the finest projects in the […]

The 2016 Amazing Shanghai City Campaign in London starts at Millennium Hotel

Millennium Hotels and Resorts announced the UK listed hospitality company has entered into a strategic partnership with non-profit organisation, Branding Shanghai, to further aid the promotion of cities in China from a global perspective. The announcement follows the launch this week of the 2016 Amazing Shanghai City Campaign in London, an extension of Shanghai City’s […]

SEO is King in the West, Chinese Social media is King in China

Sarah Yam (任熙雯) of As one of the biggest luxury markets in the world, China has immense potential purchasing power in the luxury industry. The position has still not changed despite many rumours and news on Chinese economy and luxury industry slowdown reported this year. According to Dean of Fortune Character Institute’s “2015 China Luxury […]