Will Blockchain Fintech Revolutionize the Art Market?

The Art & Finance market has made unprecedented development over the past few years, which has resulted in the financialisation of the art market. As financial-technology (or fintech) start-ups have been mushrooming, Thomas Gilbert, a British-born young entrepreneur has joined the force by introducing blockchain technology and distributing cryptocurrency to the vibrant but opaque art market. ArtBankChain (hereinafter abbreviated as ABC), […]

Steep drop in Bitcoin value as China warns of risks

  By Jack Wang – Cofounder of Dearcoin, a Bitcoin startup based in Beijing. He can be reached at jackwang[at]gmail.com or @jw2856 on WeChat. On December 5, 2013, the People’s Bank of China, Ministry of Information Industry, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice warning citizens about the risks […]