Chinese love affair with Manchester property to strengthen as government welcomes new investment

Photo: Visit Manchester UK government plans to attract foreign investment from China for new development projects in the Northern Powerhouse Chinese investors interest in Manchester stems from President Xi Jinping visiting the city in 2015 (Chinese diplomat Sun Dali) “Accessibility is crucial for overseas investors… Chinese buyers able to fly in regularly now, sometimes for […]

UK developers embrace new Brexit era sales & marketing by attending in tech-hub Shenzhen

“Only the most forward-thinking and nimble developers are changing and evolving their strategy in light of Brexit to become more innovative in their search for buyers, and investing accordingly.” That is the sentiment of property marketing expert and proptech entrepreneur, Jon Ellis, Founder of Investorist, the world’s largest off plan B2B property marketplace. Selling successfully […]

Howarth Homes 即将推出新款户型住宅——就在阿克斯桥(Uxbridge)

Howarth Homes 即将推出新款户型住宅——就在阿克斯桥(Uxbridge) ——暨近期在伦敦东南区的发售有着前所未有的成功! 过去的18个月,Howarth Homes 在东南部的楼市发售场面异常火爆,房子供不应求,大部分户型开售即罄! 天鹅屋(Swan House):在里克曼沃斯(Rickmansworth),拥有66个单元房的公寓群在6个小时内售罄。 诺沃 (Novo) : 在诺霍特(Northolt),18套房型 —3套独立房屋,15套套间和公寓在4个小时内售罄。 奥尔巴尼屋(Albany House):在西德雷顿(West Drayton)12套公寓的组合在两小时内售罄。 Howarth Homes在喜来登酒店举行了阿克斯桥(Uxbridge)房屋发售会, 在发售前34小时,买家就已经在开始排队。他们的舰旗开发—全景户型—73套全新套间和公寓,在短短6个小时内售罄。首次购买房子的Marina Kosleva女士和她的丈夫为了确保可以排在购房队伍的前面,在发售会前一天早上5点就开始排队。 Marina Kosleva女士说: 我们想买一套公寓做为对未来的长线投资,期房(楼花)不会在几内年交楼,因此在我们搬进去之前,我们的房子是很有希望升值的。 Peter Krelle, —Howarth Homes的市场主管补充道: “在伦敦东南区,人们对高质量,高价值的房子一直有着非常强烈的兴趣,对有价格竞争力和户型精良的房子的需求持续走高,尤其是有着非常丰厚的投资回报的房子。 没有比现在投资砖头和水泥更好的时机了。买期房,能使你以当价购置新房,而且你可以在交楼之前看到房子巨大的增值潜力。 10月14日,Howarth Homes将在阿克斯桥(Uxbridge)发布全新住宅系列—这将使当地投资者感到高兴。 高质量及高价值的公寓将会遍布滑铁卢码头(Waterloo Wharf)。 它们将坐落于河畔,享有独特的水边景观,毗邻拥有历史价值的船坞。滑铁卢码头(Waterloo Wharf) 高质量、高回报的准租单位为房东提供了不二选择,同时,这些新型住宅也为r业主提供了优质的投资机会—3年的交楼期让房子得以增值。 如果您有兴趣的话,请致电01895 253535,或登录 以获取更多的资讯。  

Birmingham lines up post-Brexit housing plan, with a little help from its friends in China

Birmingham population grew 9.5% in past decade (Census data) Country Garden to invest £2 billion in Birmingham projects UK is most popular destination in Europe for FDI (Department for International Trade) HS2 and Birmingham Smithfield redevelopment are key opportunities (Property Frontiers) By Sophie Evans As the youngest city in Europe, with 50% of its population […]

Investorist Live heads to China, matchmaking global developers and stock-hungry real estate selling agents

The latest in a series of successful live networking events, Investorist Live is heading east to China this September. The world’s largest off plan B2B property marketplace will be holding a week-long exclusive Live event in Beijing and Shanghai from 5th – 9th September 2016. 10 leading global real estate developers representing the finest projects in the […]