100 days old baby celebration photography

By London based photographer Marta Stoyanova Having a newborn baby is an exciting time for families everywhere. It is however also challenging and testing at the best of times and sleep deprivation leaves new parents in a state of blur. Hours turn into days, days into weeks and it all feels like a long stretch […]

Changing lives – International China Concern

10 years ago hundreds of children lived huddled away in an orphanage in China. As many as 85% of them would die infants, abandoned by their parents out of desperation. This was Hengyang orphanage a decade ago. Understaffed, under resourced, and unknown to most the centre was a place of desperation; babies’ cries would become […]

Chinese mums’ postnatal confinement

The modernisation of postnatal ‘confinement’ in China: to ensure one of the country’s most ancient traditions is upheld, luxury ‘post natal care’ hotels are being built to ease the waiting list on China’s professional supermums, or “confinement ladies”. Watch the episode here at the bottom of this article.  ————————-Advert————————- Click image to go to Memory Makers’ […]

Super cute 3-year-old Junhao Zhang dance

Zhang Junhao from Shandong province, wows the judges on Amazing Chinese (CCTV China), a show similar to Britain’s Got Talent. The cute 3-year-old boy performs a series of dance routines choreographed to the songs being played on his mobile speaker which he brought on stage with him. Superstar actor Jet Li who was one of the […]