Interview with British-Chinese actor Alex Chang

Emmanuelle Khoo – Film and Entertainment Editor  Continuing our exclusive five-part interview series on British-Chinese talent in the entertainment industry, Nee Hao introduces our second actor, Alex Chang. Instead of running along the safe career path, Alex Chang chose to pursue his passion and love for the performing arts. After training at the Academy of […]

British-Chinese talents in the entertainment industry – Actor Linda Louise Duan

Emmanuelle Khoo – Film and Entertainment Editor  Nee Hao starts off its exclusive five-part series that engages in a meaningful conversation with British-Chinese talents in the entertainment industry. From audition tips to guilty pleasures, ongoing debates of British-Chinese identity to East Asian stereotypes in film, Emmanuelle Khoo uncovers an underlying narrative of what it means […]

London East Asian Film Festival 2017

Opening this year on 19th October at ODEON Leicester Square with Hwang Dong- hyuk’s historical drama The Fortress, as an international premiere, the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) will run for 11 days from 19th to 29th October. It will close with Takeshi Kitano’s latest yakuza film that completes the Outrage trilogy, Outrage Coda. […]

Film Review:《我不是潘金莲》I am not Madame Bovary – In UK Cinemas Now!

By Emmanuelle Khoo Directed by Feng Xiaogang, I Am Not Madame Bovary is a stellar, satirical masterpiece that incorporates a powerful and intriguing storyline, a kick-ass heroine and beautiful cinematography. Playing the lead is none other than China’s superstar, Fan Bingbing. Fan plays Li Xuelian, a village woman who stages a fake divorce with her husband […]

The Future Perfect – Leaving China for Argentina

El futuro perfecto TRAILER from nele wohlatz on Vimeo. The Future Perfect is a story of translation and transition, following 17-year-old Xiaobin as she moves between countries and languages, developing a new identity in the process. Determined to gain independence from her family, Xiaobin has left China for Argentina – a country where she does […]