Sleepy Baby – 可愛寶貝的扮裝寫真

Sioin Queenie Liao is a free-lance artist living in California, USA. As a mother of three boys, she enjoys involving her children in her artworks, resulting in beautiful, delicately balanced and artistic photos. What inspired you to take photos involving your children? Photography has always been my hobby. At first my interest was on natural […]

Nee Hao’s Baby of the Month: Ryan Poon

Nee Hao Magazine launches a brand new ‘Baby and Mother Father’ section, where we invite parents to share their thoughts and experiences on parenthood. There will also be experts in this field writing articles with lots of helpful tips and advice on matters such as; how to choose a good school, what is the best […]

Kristin and Kayla

Jason Lee from San Ramon, CA, has two main passions in his life, his family and photography. He decided to combine the two with amazingly artistic results. In November 2006, he started a personal blog that chronicled the lives of his 2 daughters, Kristin and Kayla. You can really see the love between father and daughters coming […]