An evolution of the Qipao

An evolution of the qipao: rising from the ashes of the Cultural Revolution and onto the catwalk Today, the qipao (also known as the cheongsam) is rarely worn on a daily basis, instead it has become an element of nostalgia, worn during formal events and traditional Chinese weddings. The modern qipao is a short, one-piece […]

Po visits London Chinatown

London’s resident panda, Po, caused a stir on Gerrard Street when the movie star paid a surprise visit to Chinatown ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations. After helping with the decorations and stopping for some dumplings in a local restaurant, Po was seen leaving via Wardour Street with an armful of shopping to take […]

你好2016全英Chinese New Year Celebration Tour, 你在哪里?

猴年就要到了, 给大家拜个早年!祝大家身体健康, 学习进步, 事业有成! 西方文化中Celebration的传统是什么?没错!就是地球人都知道的Clubbing! 身在海外的我们, 也必然融入到了这样的文化氛围当中. 于是, 就有了”你好传媒”联合英国五大城市的实力Party策划, 以及各大高校学生社团举行 2016 Chinese New Year Celebration Tour 这样的好事! 请继续往下看,切可(check)一下你所在城市有没有加入 Party Tour 的行列! 由北至南 – 由西往东的关注我们吧! 第一站 曼彻斯特 Manchester Facebook 官方活动链接点击这里 时间: 2016年2月5日 22:30 – 2月6日 05:30 地点: VIVA Club, M1 5WW 前方高能, 话风突变, 请读者自量! 第二站 布里斯托 Bristol Facebook 官方活动链接点击这里 时间:2016年2月6日 22:00 – 2月7日 04:00 地点:Brass Pig, […]

Experience New Year’s Eve twice in one night

You can enjoy a full evening of celebrations and the stroke of midnight in Sydney, then – if you have the stamina (and the budget) – jump onboard an exclusive private jet to do the same all over again in Los Angeles.  Experiencing New Year’s Eve twice is only possible by moving eastwards across the […]

Fun: The bad traits of the 12 Chinese animals

By Chen Jun Yang – Features Editor  2015 marks the Sheep’s/Ram’s year, but are you aware of the traits a sheep/Ram possesses? Most will probably know they are quiet and reserved, calm, gentle, creative, persevering, strong-willed and enjoy the company of others. But what about the bad points? Just for a bit of festive fun and […]

Afghanistan man who looks like Bruce Lee

Credit: Mohammad Ismail Images of Abbas Alizada – a hardcore Bruce Lee fan – have been going viral across the web recently as he is not only obsessed with the late Hong Kong action star but also, according to many, looks a lot like him. Known by the name of Bruce Hazara in honour of […]

Babe of the Month, October – Dorothy Kuek, Bristol

Name: Dorothy Kuek 郭凯晴 Age: 18 Occupation: Medical student (2nd yr) from University of Bristol. Ex part time performer/MC/actress for CCTV, BTV(Beijing TV), Yunnan TV, Shanxi TV. TV channels for over 20 entertainment shows/episodes/interviews. Dream job: DOCTOR (obviously why I’m studying Medicine haha) + Christian missionary (travel around the world). Current location: Bristol / Oxford, UK. […]