The Future Perfect – Leaving China for Argentina

El futuro perfecto TRAILER from nele wohlatz on Vimeo.

The Future Perfect is a story of translation and transition, following 17-year-old Xiaobin as she moves between countries and languages, developing a new identity in the process.

Determined to gain independence from her family, Xiaobin has left China for Argentina – a country where she does not speak the language.

In The Future Perfect, the process of learning Spanish becomes a metaphor for her development, framing her journey from arrival as an isolated young newcomer to the moment she can fully take ownership of her desires and ambitions – when she finally learns the conditional, the tense of the hypothetical future.

The Argentinian focus programme on Sunday 23 April is presented in association and with the support of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London CSSD


23 APRIL, 5.45PM, ICA


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