Migrant children less obese due to absent grandmothers

Children of migrants to Chinese cities have lower rates of obesity than youngsters in more affluent established urban families – probably because their grandparents are not around to over-feed them, a new study has found. Fewer opportunities for unhealthy snacking and less pressure for academic achievement, leading to more active play, also contribute to migrant […]

HPV Vaccination service available at Superdrug

Superdrug has announced that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is now available in even more Nurse Clinics and selected Pharmacy stores in England, Scotland and Wales. The announcement comes on the back of service uptake for the vaccine increasing by 224% over two months earlier this year. The in-store HPV vaccination service priced at £150 […]

How to create the best vegetarian Cantonese dishes

National Vegetarian Week (15-21 May 2017) is the perfect occasion for foodies to give exciting new vegetarian dishes a try and embrace a veggie lifestyle for the week. In the spirit of National Vegetarian Week, the chefs at Royal China have revealed their tops tips for how to create delicious, meat-free Cantonese dishes. Fresh is […]

Intergenerational research on British Chinese about heart disease

Serena Ng of Durham University Serena Ng, a student from Durham University, is undertaking groundbreaking research into British Chinese knowledge and perceptions of heart disease. Her research specifically focuses on nutrition-related risk factors, such as high consumption of dietary fat and cholesterol. Currently there is no research on this topic: existing research focuses on Chinese immigrants to Canada and the […]

Grandparents’ affection makes Chinese children obese

New research has revealed that affection from grandparents towards their grandchildren may play a major role in contributing to the childhood obesity pandemic in China. A study by the University of Birmingham (UK) shows that grandparents tend to indulge, overfeed and protect grandchildren in their care from physical chores, thus increasing their risk of obesity. […]