Intergenerational research on British Chinese about heart disease

Serena Ng of Durham University

Serena Ng, a student from Durham University, is undertaking groundbreaking research into British Chinese knowledge and perceptions of heart disease. Her research specifically focuses on nutrition-related risk factors, such as high consumption of dietary fat and cholesterol. Currently there is no research on this topic: existing research focuses on Chinese immigrants to Canada and the USA.

It has been theorised that acculturation influences immigrants’ knowledge and perceptions of heart disease. Acculturation is a process of cultural convergence between an individual’s heritage culture and the culture of their new country of residence. Through her research, Serena Ng expects to find an intergenerational difference in the knowledge and perceptions of heart disease between first generation British Chinese immigrants and second generation children of British Chinese immigrants, thus supporting the theory of acculturation.

Serena Ng believes it is important to investigate this topic, as heart disease is the leading cause of global mortality and findings of this research may pave the way for the development of more culturally relevant health programmes, policies and advice.

Are you a self-identifying ethnic Chinese immigrant to the UK?


Are you the child of a self-identifying ethnic Chinese immigrant to the UK?

If the answer is yes, please complete this short 5-minute survey CLICK HERE to contribute to this groundbreaking research. Your contribution will help inform future government health policy and academic research, which could, one day, help you.

 (NB. For the survey you do not have to be an immigrant from Mainland China as long as you self-identify as ethnically Chinese)

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