Nee Hao Elites – Career & Entrepreneurship Nationwide Student Tour 2016 你好精英!工作创业人生规划全英巡回演讲

*你好精英!NeeHao Elites! *2016全英工作创业人生规划巡回演讲 第二站:布里斯托站     [主题]毕业生工作申请+英国创业Tier 1 企业家签证+人生规划培训课程 [时间]2月27号(周六)下午2:30-6:30 [地点]Coutts Lecture Theatre, Wills Memorial Building,  Bristol, BS8 1RJ 你是否想过,学生时代的精英,离开校园后怎么能够继续精英之路? 你的方向或许是: 留英工作:在世界顶级的企业里拼搏 创业:做自己的Boss,成为别人的Leader 人生规划:为成功为梦想铺路 无论是找工作、创业还是制定人生计划, 我们都能帮你! It’s your future, join our course! [主讲嘉宾] Danni Zhang – PwC 高级会计师 Stella Wang – Link Elites 创始人 Tomas Svitoka – TS Coaching 生涯导师     Danni Zhang,  华威大学第一等毕业, […]

February Listings for China Exchange London

Circle Lines Exhibition – Presented by the Hurun Foundation Friday, 5 Feb – Sunday, 14 Feb 2016 An exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art presented by the Hurun Art Foundation. Fourteen celebrated Chinese artists will share their distinctive style and story. Artists include Wang Tiande, Qiu Jie, Mao Lizi and Chen Xiaowei FREE ADMISSION Deb8 China: Great Speakers, 8 […]

Michelin-Starred HKK’s storytelling tasting menu for Chinese new year

Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant HKK will be bringing Chinese New Year celebrations to the City with a specially crafted menu showcasing the family traditions and Chinese rituals behind the special occasion. A limited edition printed menu will be gifted to each guest dining from the exclusive menu, highlighting the history behind each dish alongside intricate illustrations […]