Weaving Threads of Silk: Paintings by artist TSAI YuLung

Gallery Elena Shchukina presents Weaving Threads of Silk, an exhibition of paintings by Shanghai-based artist TSAI YuLung. 15 November 2016 – 13 January 2017 TSAI YuLung (TSAI YuLong) is best known for his calligraphy painting. In this exhibition, TSAI presents works exploring his long-standing interest in the encounter between traditional Chinese calligraphy and contemporary Western […]

Anna Chen’s Resonance FM radio series

Tonight was the exciting launch programme of Anna Chen’s new Resonance FM radio series, a yellow peril fest of all things colonialist. Featured guests included Daniel York talking about the momentous WTF! moment when East Asians around the world realised that only a miserly three out of 17 characters in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s “Chinese Hamlet”, The Orphan of Zhao, had been […]