Babe Of The Month September 2011

Every month we have a ‘Bachelor of the Month’ and ‘Babe of the Month’ feature. This is where contestants submit photos along with a brief bio of themselves and then readers can vote to see if they are hot or not. Currently our bachelor for September, Albert Wong from Milton Keynes has a massive 328 […]

Kristin and Kayla

Jason Lee from San Ramon, CA, has two main passions in his life, his family and photography. He decided to combine the two with amazingly artistic results. In November 2006, he started a personal blog that chronicled the lives of his 2 daughters, Kristin and Kayla. You can really see the love between father and daughters coming […]

Artist Profile: Telihana

Telihana is a singer who is based in Belgium and China. She represents an emergence of artists who due to their cross cultural heritage, influences them to produce unique fun loving party vibes. Her summer anthem ‘ All Night’ is gathering momentum and Telihana speaks to Nee Hao Magazine to tell us what’s going on […]

Lost in Translation

A restaurant in Hong Kong got their menu translated into English. The Chinese writing are all genuine and popular dishes. However the translator did a literal job and the results are hilarious. The middle section provides the most interesting dishes if you are reading the English. Of course the dishes written in Chinese makes perfect […]

Director Sarah Zhang Shanghai

The Film making industry in China has been colourful and turbulent and Shanghai is a very important place as it’s where it all began. Motion Pictures first came to Shanghai in 1896 to kick start the industry. Shanghai film makers were trained up by their American counterparts. In recent times, films such as Crouching Tiger, […]