UK Visas Debunked: Your Non-EEA Spouse Visa Options

The structure of UK immigration legislation is shifting beneath our very feet. This turbulent environment encompasses a whole manner of uncertainties for those who have loved ones residing the West. This apprehension may be amplified by the ambiguity of a cross-continent relationship, where those from countries outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) are progressively […]

APEC meetings – Disruption to China visa services

Chengdu urban area UK Visas & Immigration announcement  Due to the upcoming APEC meetings in Beijing there is likely to be significant disruption to transport services between 7 – 12 November. This is likely to have an impact on the UK Visas & Immigration courier services. During this period UK Visas & Immigration will continue […]

Portuguese Golden Visa for Permanent Residency

With Canada closing its doors to would-be immigrants and the UK tightening up on requirements, many are looking to see what European migration schemes have to offer. Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced last month that their controversial investor scheme in existence since 1986 is to be scrapped. The Canadian migration scheme ran into trouble […]