October’s Bachelor of the Month 十月型男: Kyler

Current Location: London 现居地: 伦敦 Profession: Singer-songwriter, Producer, Graphic and Industrial Designer 职业: 作曲家,制作人,平面和工业设计师 What’s the best part of your job? I am a recent graduate from Loughborough University, a musician by day and freelance designer by night, both of which I absolutely love! 觉得工作中最有趣的是什么? 我刚从Loughborough 大学毕业。白天我是音乐人,晚上我是自由设计师。我都喜欢。 从6岁开始我就弹钢琴,当然一开始是被逼着练的…但是现在我非常地感谢父母,如果不是他们我的音乐之路就不会走得那么远. 今年我获得了跟BBC The Voice经纪一个非常好的联系. 我作为艺人的目标是之后在UK发展亚洲音乐, 目前还没有人这么做, 因此我希望在得到其他华裔艺人同伴支持的同时,成为英国亚洲音乐的第一人. From the little age of […]

Babe of the Month October – Mona He

    Babe of the Month for October 2011 Mona He  (何梦心) Age: 24 From: Nanjing, China. Job: Law student at University of Bristol Favourite food: Fruits Enjoy or not enjoy going out clubbing? No, I don’t enjoy going clubbing. But I like Jazz & Blues music.   What type of pastry is Mona He? Mona likes relaxing in […]

OCT’s Bachelor of the Month Quan Khau

Bachelor of the Month for October  2011: Quan Khau  Age: 25 From: Bristol UK Job: Food critic Favourite food:  Seafood, and Sunday roast Enjoy or not enjoy going out clubbing? : Enjoy <a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/5538708/”>What Chow Mein dish is Quan Khau</a> Quan says cheers for voting, only 1 vote per person, repeat voting won’t count Suited […]