October’s Bachelor of the Month 十月型男: Kyler

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Current Location: London

现居地: 伦敦

Profession: Singer-songwriter, Producer, Graphic and Industrial Designer

职业: 作曲家,制作人,平面和工业设计师

What’s the best part of your job?

I am a recent graduate from Loughborough University, a musician by day and freelance designer by night, both of which I absolutely love!


我刚从Loughborough 大学毕业。白天我是音乐人,晚上我是自由设计师。我都喜欢。

从6岁开始我就弹钢琴,当然一开始是被逼着练的…但是现在我非常地感谢父母,如果不是他们我的音乐之路就不会走得那么远. 今年我获得了跟BBC The Voice经纪一个非常好的联系. 我作为艺人的目标是之后在UK发展亚洲音乐, 目前还没有人这么做, 因此我希望在得到其他华裔艺人同伴支持的同时,成为英国亚洲音乐的第一人.

From the little age of 6 I was playing piano, forced initially as expected haha… but now I couldn’t thank my parents enough, without them I would not of been able to go so far with my music and land myself with great management linked with BBC The Voice this year. My goal as an artist is to launch in the UK and have my foot into the Asian music scene soon after, nobody here has done it, therefore I hope with the support of my fellow BBCs, I can be the first!

Check out my demo track of this month (Written, produced and performed by me)

Soundcloud Track – I Will Love You 

If you would like to check out my design work, also feel free:

Design with Michael

What’s your favourite fashion style? 

I like simple high street fashion, River Island and Republic fill the majority of my cupboard to be honest! Not a brand chaser, fortunately for my wallet haha. Favourite look is the baggy vest and shorts combo, maybe throw in a backwards cap and some cheeky K-swiss high tops.

你最喜爱的时尚风格:我喜欢简约的大众时尚, 说实话River Island和Republic这俩品牌几乎占满了我的整个衣橱. 当然, 我不是一个追逐品牌的人, 所以荷包才能”幸免于难”哈哈. 最爱的打扮是像松板背心和短裤那样的组合, 或者加上帽子转过来戴, 再穿上k-swiss的高帮运动鞋.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?  Spain! So beautiful and wicked fun.

最喜爱的旅游目的地? 我最喜欢西班牙!那里风景优美且很有趣

Favourite food: Oh my god CHAR-SUI PORK!


Enjoy or not enjoy clubbing?

My personality is super social, so yes I do love having a few drinks with friends at the bar and clubbing for sure. But I love doing simple and nice day activities as well, like food tasting at Camden Market and chilling at home watching Django Unchained, so good!


我是个超热爱社交的人。所以我喜欢去夜店或与友人到酒吧喝几杯。但我也喜欢些简单且愉悦的日间活动,比如到Camden集市去品尝美食,在家看 Django Unchained,很棒。


Miami - Kyler Niko

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