Babe of the Month, October – Dorothy Kuek, Bristol


Name: Dorothy Kuek 郭凯晴

Age: 18

Occupation: Medical student (2nd yr) from University of BristolEx part time performer/MC/actress for CCTV, BTV(Beijing TV), Yunnan TV, Shanxi TV. TV channels for over 20 entertainment shows/episodes/interviews.

Dream job: DOCTOR (obviously why I’m studying Medicine haha) + Christian missionary (travel around the world).

Current location: Bristol / Oxford, UK.

From: Malaysia.

Favourite fashion style:  ‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

What do you do in your spare time? Sing, dance, read, piano, guitar, TV series, exercise, bake, socialise, bible study/worship, movies, listen to music, take photos, babysit, volunteering.

Any make-up or skincare tips to share with Nee Hao readers? Sleep, avocado, tea tree oil face mask.

How do you keep fit? Nothing special… I eat my home cooked meals which are usually healthier and less oily. I enjoy going for a run frequently and sometimes do some sports.

Favourite holiday destination: Maldives and Paris.

Favourite food: Love everything sweet! (Can’t really eat spicy)

Enjoy or not enjoy clubbing? Often too busy doing work, so haven’t got much chance to go clubbing… But I do like dancing and meeting new friends.

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名字: 郭凯晴


职业: 布里斯托大学的医学系本科大二生. 之前是央视,北京电视台, 云南卫视和山西等电视台的节目主持人以及演员.  出演过至少20个电视节目, 剧集以及采访节目.

心目中理想的职业: 医生(这就为什么我学医的原因), 还有就是基督教士(可以周游世界)

现居地: 布里斯托和牛津

来自: 马来西亚

最喜爱时尚风格: ‘不要追随潮流, 不要让时尚主宰你, 你要决定你是谁, 并把自己表现在你的穿着和生活上’ – Gianni Versace

闲暇时的兴趣爱好: 唱歌, 跳舞, 阅读, 弹钢琴, 弹吉他, 看电视剧, 做运动, 烹饪, 参加社交活动, 学习圣经, 看电影, 听音乐, 摄影, 照看宝宝以及当义工.

请跟“你好”的读者们分享一下护肤心得: 足够的睡眠, 多吃酪梨, 用茶树油面膜敷脸.

请跟“你好”的读者们分享一下保持身材的经验: 饮食方面没什么特别……我个人会比较喜欢自己在家做菜,这样健康又少油.  运动方面, 我经常跑步, 有时会做一些其它的运动.


最喜爱食品: 爱所有的甜食, 但不吃辣.

喜欢参加派对活动么? 因为工作的关系, 鲜少有机会参加这样的活动, 但我喜欢认识新朋友, 喜欢跳舞!



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