Po visits London Chinatown

London’s resident panda, Po, caused a stir on Gerrard Street when the movie star paid a surprise visit to Chinatown ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations. After helping with the decorations and stopping for some dumplings in a local restaurant, Po was seen leaving via Wardour Street with an armful of shopping to take back home to the attraction.

John, 35, from London, who was visiting the area with his partner and young son when he spotted the huge figure, said of his impromptu encounter; ‘We had just been for lunch and were surprised to see Po as we came out of the restaurant. I thought I was seeing things at first!’

For those looking to celebrate Chinese New Year, DreamWorks Tours, Shrek’s Adventure! London will be offering special craft activities and complimentary face painting during half term up to 21 February.

Shrek's Adventure! London's resident panda, Po makes a surprise visit to Chinatown.r
Shrek’s Adventure! London’s resident panda, Po makes a surprise visit to Chinatown

The attraction is a unique walk-and-ride experience which transports guests through the magical kingdom of Far Far Away, meeting characters from the Shrek franchise along the way. Following their adventure guests are welcomed back to London by a whole host of DreamWorks characters, including Po and all his friends from Kung Fu Panda.

The capital’s Chinese New Year celebrations will be kicking off on 14th February in Chinatown.



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