Richard Branson sorry to hear passenger being called a Chinese pig

By Bert Yang – Features Editor Really sorry to hear about an alleged incident on flight VS250. We do not tolerate abuse and @virginatlantic are investigating. — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) March 18, 2016 非常遗憾地获悉最近在VS250航班上发生的意外事件。我们决不容忍任何恶意侮辱的行为@virginatlantic事件正在调查中。 — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) March 18, 2016 That was Richard Branson, Virgin CEO, tweeting in response to a recent incident where […]

No place for racism in the Chinese community

There’s no place for racism and negative stereotypes in the Chinese community By Johnny Luk UK is awesome. I like to think the multicultural fabric of our society, driven by its rich story of trade, innovation and a slice of turbulent imperial world domination, enhances it. In modern times, we are blessed as a leader […]