Report: Bittersweet Success? Glass ceilings for British Chinese at the top of business and the professions?

Reported by Johnny Luk, Co-Founder of Tempowear and FAiL Night – a series of events that promote positive failure. Policy Exchange, a renowned Think Tank that regularly influences national and government policy, recently published a first of its kind report analysing career patterns on a number of ethnic minorities, including the British Chinese population segment.  […]

Minority? A review of British Chinese Numbers

With the current influx of Chinese flocking to the UK for education and business, there’s little doubt that China’s ties with the United Kingdom are becoming stronger.  Nee Hao have asked ChineseJobsUK to complete a review of all the available statistics on Chinese in the UK, for the purposes of this article and for further analysis and discussion.  […]

British Chinese more likely to vote Conservative

British Chinese people are more likely to vote Conservative at this year’s general election, new analysis shows. Research carried out by YouGov in which they surveyed 4,000 ethnic minority voters showed that the Conservatives have “won over Britain’s Chinese community but no others.” The Conservatives currently have a 22-point lead above any other Party when it […]

Forgotten histories of World War II

Tracing the past: Dr Joseph Yu-Kai Wong’s mission in remembering forgotten histories of World War II Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Nee Hao in June 2012.  Endlessly, civilisations and thinkers have clashed in the debate over the value of peace, the viability of pacifism, the necessity of warfare, and the divide between […]