100 days old baby celebration photography

By London based photographer Marta Stoyanova

Having a newborn baby is an exciting time for families everywhere. It is however also challenging and testing at the best of times and sleep deprivation leaves new parents in a state of blur. Hours turn into days, days into weeks and it all feels like a long stretch of time with no idea what day of the week it is.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise then, that Chinese tradition of home confinement for new mums in the first month is becoming popular in the West as well. And by the time the third month of the baby’s life arrives, Chinese families are already in preparation for the 100 days celebration of their bundle of joy. Living in the UK is no reason to skip this traditional celebration and what a great excuse for a party with all your loved ones!

As a London based baby photographer I often get asked to capture this special time in the young family’s history. My clients are always full of ideas for the photography session and the use of props and little gifts given by the grandparents just make the photo shoot extra fun. By the 100th day, baby’s personality is already starting to shine through and there are plenty of smiles and interaction with the camera. Add to that the excitement and pure joy of the proud parents, witnessing their baby happily posing away, and we have the recipe for a great day of creating memories to be enjoyed by everyone in years to come.

By the 100th days most babies already have a more established routine which makes planning a little bit easier. Unlike the newborn photo shoots I do, where babies are asleep most of the time, by the third month they are already a lot more interactive, responding to people and sounds around them.

A lot of my clients have party celebrations organised a day or two after the 100 days milestone. Those pictures often end up as thank you cards to all the friends and family who joined them on the occasion.

photography by Marta Stoyanova www.magicrainbowphotography.com


photography by Marta Stoyanova www.magicrainbowphotography.com

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photography by Marta Stoyanova www.magicrainbowphotography.com
photography by Marta Stoyanova www.magicrainbowphotography.com


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