A new chapter Wokai Bristol

Ziwei Fan studies Mathematics at the University of Bristol. She became interested in microfinance and through research discovered Wokai, an American non-profit organisation that specialises in providing small loans to people who are in poverty to enable them to start a business. In 2010 she met and consulted with Mhairi Threlfall the entrepreneur in residence at the university […]

An open letter from David Tse about British Chinese/East Asian under representation

Stephen Moss recently conducted a UK-wide survey of 100 people on ‘What does being British mean to you?’ Not a single British Chinese/East Asian (BC/EA) person was interviewed. At 1.6% of the national population, this is an unacceptable oversight during London 2012, with the Olympic/Paralympic aspirations of inclusive diversity. This practice of rendering the UK’s third […]

Plastic Bottles Becomes Free Light Source

This is a simple but genius invention where plastic bottles filled with filtered water are placed on a carefully cut hole in the roof of a building, creating a free energy light source equivalent to a 50 watt lightbulb. As the plastic bottles are cheap to acquire, it’s a brilliant 3rd world solution to a 3rd […]

The British Chinese Project

The BC project is a non-partisan, voluntarily run organisation that seeks to elevate the presence of the UK Chinese community in the British political arena. Founded by Christine Lee, the BC Project was launched at the House of Lords on 31st Oct 2006 under the sponsorship of Lady Anelay, and was officially manifested at the House of Commons […]

Nike Scores 1-0 Over Adidas with toxic pollution clean-up commitment

Barcelona/Beijing 18th August 2011 – The world’s largest sportswear brand, Nike, has committed to the elimination of releases of all hazardous chemicals into Chinese rivers across its entire supply chain and life-cycle of its products by 2020, following a Greenpeace challenge to ‘Detox’. Nike’s promise to remove persistent, bio-accumulative and hormone disrupting substances from its […]