The British Chinese Project

The BC project is a non-partisan, voluntarily run organisation that seeks to elevate the presence of the UK Chinese community in the British political arena. Founded by Christine Lee, the BC Project was launched at the House of Lords on 31st Oct 2006 under the sponsorship of Lady Anelay, and was officially manifested at the House of Commons on 25th January 2007 under the sponsorship of Andrew Dismore MP.

All Party Parliamentarian Chinese in Britain Group (APPG) 

Magistrate and vice chair of the British Chinese project, Alex Yip, has called on more participation from the British Chinese public so that opinions and viewpoints can be submitted directly to decision makers.

He says: “we’ve been tasked with writing a parliamentary report for the (APPG) concerning issues such as policing, justice and safety specifically in the British Chinese Community. The APPG is chaired by Barry Gardner MP and is made up of other MPs and Peers from all parties.

I am sure you can appreciate that this is a unique opportunity for people in the British Chinese community to voice our concerns directly to parliament. If you’re interested in getting involved, it would be good to hear from you. The report will consist of the gathering of information, case studies through interviews and questionnaires from individuals and social sites from our communities.”

Alex Yip from Birmingham, vice chair of the British Chinese Project

What’s needed for community participation? 

Alex Yip adds: “the first few stages will involve asking the Community as a whole for their thoughts and experiences of living in the UK as a British Chinese/East Asian. We want to set up a platform to raise political awareness and to acknowledge issues specific to the community, then once it has been written, it will be presented by the MP ( for the APPG Chinese Group) to the government so that our voices are heard.”

Christine Lee with her team, she has been responsible for raising awareness of politics to the British Chinese community.
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