NEE HAO is an arts, culture and lifestyle magazine for the British Chinese community, Chinese students and Chinese visitors to the UK



Nee Hao – The UK’s no.1 resource for British Chinese culture. 

Nee Hao is an online platform for internationally-minded contributors who are passionate about the arts, business, cuisine, news, travel, lifestyle and social commentary relating to British Chinese and Far East Asian culture.

The online publication serves the British Chinese community, Chinese students and visitors, and people interested in Chinese culture. Nee Hao is also the platform of choice for people in China to go to for information as they are about to visit the UK.

Bridging East Asian and Western cultures through celebrating their multifaceted histories, Nee Hao is concerned with creating awareness and strengthening understanding. It promotes participation within the global community and actively encourages submissions.

Conceived by a group of determined volunteers in 2005 with an ambitious vision to express and develop British Chinese and East Asian culture, Nee Hao is now an established UK-organiser of social and educational events specifically catered those with an interest in East Asian affairs.

Together, we can bring to light the achievements of the diaspora community and facilitate open, constructive dialogue.

Nee Hao Media is an independent organisation.

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NEE HAO 是為那些關注並對中英文化感興趣的讀者而設的結合藝術, 文化與生活的雜誌.

這個構思產生於臥室, 由一群充滿熱情的志願者充分發揮他們的想像力和創造力, 使你好網絡和雜誌得以建立. 雜誌的目的是為了傳播中英文化, 以風趣優雅的格調, 以及充滿藝術性和知識性的方式講述了在中英兩地發生的各種不同的新聞和故事. 網站還不斷提供及更新關於在中國,在英國或中英兩國共同舉辦的各種活動的信息. 

通過本地和國際的現實生活以及網絡社區的各種渠道, 我們實現了為中央兩國文化交流作出貢獻的目標.

 它是促進人們更深入了解中英文化的資源, 並且作為社區的代言人發表信息,接收意見, 還有作為一個平台讓人們傳達心聲, 講述事件以及問題,等等. 以此達到人們之間相識相交的聯誼目的.

你好雜誌: 讓中國了解英國, 讓英國了解中國, 讓彼此相互了解



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