1911 Revolution: The 100th movie of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s 1911 Revolution –  is being released on the 19th of March 2012 from Cine Asia on Blue-ray and DVD. Cine Asia has given 3 copies for our readers to stand a chance of winning in a competition. The first 3 readers to post on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NeeHaoMagazine) the correct answer to the question ‘What actor/actress has Jackie Chan made the most films with in his 100 movies?’ will win a copy.

Celebrate the landmark 100th movie of Jackie Chan’s outstanding career in film and re-live the violent and heartbreaking events of The Xinhai Revolution: a bloody uprising that brought the despotic Qing Dynasty crashing to its knees, ending nearly 3,000 years of feudal oppression.


Action legend, Jackie Chan, commands the screen as Huang Xing: the fearless resistance leader and military genius, who opposed a 20,000-strong Imperial Army during the 1908 Guang Xi Uprising with only 200 men! Now, as military commander to legendary revolutionary leader, Sun Yat-sen, he will lead an impoverished and vastly outnumbered rebel army against the Emperor s elite Royal Forces in a battle that will change the course of history!




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