20% of Collegiate AC bookings for next year are from Chinese students

Currently 20.5% of Collegiate AC bookings for the next academic year are from Chinese students, with Bristol emerging as a popular university destination of choice.

 CEO of Collegiate AC, Heriberto Cuanalo comments,

“It is fantastic for the UK higher education system that more and more students from outside the EU are choosing to study here in the UK, proving that we really do offer an enviable university education to be proud of. This has certainly been reflected in the type of students booking with us to live in university accommodation that is of a higher quality and offers additional facilities that traditional ‘student digs’ do not.”


“Students from China arriving to study in some of the UK’s top university cities are increasingly demanding more from their accommodation of choice, finding the benefits of having not only break-out study areas but also extra on-site facilities such as private gyms and cinemas. These additional amenities provide students with a unique living experience, enabling them to make the most of their university careers both studiously and socially.”

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