5 Memorable Winter Holidays

For many, escaping the terrible autumn and winter weather is what is thought of when the words ‘winter holiday’ are uttered; sun-bleached beaches, lazing by the pool, trying to eke as many ultraviolet rays into one’s skin as is physically possible; it’s a common vacation. Winter breaks need not fit this prescriptive formula, however, and there are many different types of amazing experiences to be had across the world during the winter months, some lesser known than others. If you’re thinking of banishing the blues, here are five of our favourite winter destinations to whet your appetite!


You may be thinking “why Antarctica!? I wanted to escape the cold, not experience the true meaning of it!” but summer in the southern hemisphere is the prime time to experience the natural beauty of the southernmost continent. Breathtaking vistas, dramatic topography and an enormous variety of marine life put a visit to Antarctica almost on par with our next suggestion.



If nature is something you enjoy and your days are filled with thoughts regarding flora and fauna, going on a safari in the winter months is the getaway for you! The northern hemisphere’s autumn and winter months coincide with the African dry season, and though this means a lack of lush vegetation, it does mean that animals tend to congregate around the existing sources of water; great news for those that want to see ever-elusive rhinos, cheetahs and leopards!


The Vegas of the east, the ex-Portuguese colony has an enormous amount to offer past the glitzy casinos, and October to March is the best time to visit. Beautiful architecture, cultural sites and museums are there for the more bookish travellers, whilst near weekly festivals, calm beaches and a shockingly good gastronomic culture may excite those more inclined to party! The casinos of Macau should get more than a mention, however. These grandiose betting halls have done much to change the way that many individuals across the world gamble; sites such as MrSmithCasino now offer Asian games such as Sic Bo, all because of the cache surrounding the glamorous city!


We just had to include one beach holiday in this list, and Bali was our natural choice. Azure seas, white beaches and nightclubs mean a lively, yet relaxing time is available for all, but there’s more than sand in Bali. Coral reefs teeming with life, ancient temples; truly an escapist’s paradise!


Located in Kazakhstan, Chimbulak is a must for those that love a white winter. A secret compared to other winter sports destinations, the Chimbulak ski resort has everything one might expect from the Alps or Aspens, but is staggeringly beautiful and still relatively undeveloped. The best bit? The sun is nearly always shining.

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