A Driven Dreamer: Model Jessie Yang


Jessie Yang is the type of woman who despises routine; true to her star sign of Sagittarius, she is drawn to adventure. An eager creative, she has been featured in publications, advertisements and film. Not to mention, she has the fans to back her up: her Facebook page currently boasts over 16,000 followers and is growing.

Yang’s extensive experience in television, acting, as a model and much-loved media personality set a strong example of overseas Chinese success in the entertainment industry.


Yet there is more to this young star than one would assume at first glance. To get this far, she has struggled through difficult waters and worked arduously to improve upon her weaknesses – at the same time, staying true to her heart.


Originally from China, she immigrated to Canada at 12 years old. Yang tells me of her traditional and strict background: “I was an A+ student all throughout high school… It wasn’t until university that I was able to explore what I truly love and what inspires me – the performing arts”. It was not a smooth transition either. The most challenging aspect of her rise to prominence was staying positive, Yang shared:

“to rise after failures, to still have faith after so many rejections, and most important of all, to not let other’s criticisms get to you. Trusting your path and following your heart despite what everyone else tells you otherwise”.

Sacrifices are also not new to Yang. Other than the occasional weather conditions she has to face as a model (in heels and substantially little clothing), her fair share of disappointments have come her way. She has had friends stop talking to her altogether because of her chosen path.

Although initially her family did not approve of her move into entertainment, they are starting to see her accomplishments and supporting her success. However, Yang acknowledges that these experiences have allowed her to discern who her “true friends” are and have the “courage to embrace” her true identity.

Jessie Yang cares about networking, learning and growing as an individual through meeting new talents and like-minded collaborators.



Her pictures reflect her ability to change roles and push boundaries. The young beauty appreciates that self-development, however, also takes place within:

“Don’t ever lose yourself on this journey! Be true to who you are, have a good heart, and do it for art… not for fame. I’ve always believed that when you concentrate on the soul and essence of your dreams, all the external rewards (money or power) will come automatically. But when you focus on the wrong things instead, you will lose yourself and it will never happen. Real artists have beautiful and authentic souls, they have passion, and they have hearts that can touch the world!”

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