Alan Mak MP hopes to inspire new generation of Chinese Britons

Alan Mak – Far Right

Parliamentarians and campaigners including Home Secretary Theresa May, Alan Mak MP, Keith Vaz attended a reception at the Houses of Parliament last night to celebrate the historic number of Black and Minority (BME) MPs.

Hosted by Operation Black Vote (OBV), the event recognised the increase of BME MPs from just 5 in 1996 when the organisation began, to a current record number of 41, which is 6.3% of all MP’s.

Speaking at the historic event Alan Mak MP said:

“I have been a trailblazer in the House of Commons, being the first and only MP of Chinese descent in British history.

However, I was inspired by Chinese members of the House of Lords to stand, and am in turn hoping to inspire another generation of Britons of Chinese heritage to follow me into these corridors of power, and to  make a difference to their communities, and wider society.”

OBV’s Director Simon Woolley said:

“Today we celebrate a record number of Black and Minority Ethnic MP’s in parliament – 41. British politics and British society greatly benefits when we can utilise diversity’s teaming talent pool. My good friend Alan Mak MP is great example of how hard work and endeavor can overcome obstacles and achieve high office.

Speaking at the event, Home Secretary Rt Hon Theresa May said:

“Eighteen years ago, when I first entered Parliament, I looked across the green benches around me and saw a chamber that was too white, too male, and with too many people from the same walk of life. Thanks to the fantastic work of organisations like Operation Black Vote, we’ve come a long way and Parliament is better for it. There is a record number of black and ethnic minority MPs, more women than ever before, and an increasing number of openly gay MPs.”

“Tonight is a celebration of what has been achieved, but it must also be the impetus for further change. To ensure that Britain is a place where all people – no matter who they are or where they come from – have the opportunity to succeed.“

Mitee CEO Baroness Ruby McGregor Smith

“I’m delighted to be celebrating today, the record number of Black and Minority Ethnic members of parliament.”

“Truth is whether it is politics or business, ensuring real opportunities at every level, for women and BME communities, will give them a greater sense of belonging and make our economy stronger.  It is my hope that everyone in the UK has the opportunity to realise their own aspirations.”

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