Exhibition Celebrates end of UK-China Year of Culture

The New Chinese Art exhibition, by three of China’s leading contemporary artists, has moved to the Cambridge University after a three-day stint at Saatchi Gallery, London.

The Chinese artists featured at the Saatchi Gallery, Guan Ce’s, Jin Feng and Shen Qibin, have each donated one of their artworks to Cambridge University as a token of the ongoing relationship between Cambridge and the Chinese community. The donated works are Guan Ce’s Flowers and Birds, Jin Feng’s Map of China and Shen Qibin’s Post-Garden. The artists have also selected some of their works previously exhibited at Saatchi for a temporarily exhibition at Jesus College.

This is the first time a renowned Chinese art agency has directly contributed artworks to Cambridge University.

Each of the artists’ works varies between a conscious awareness of the connection of human nature and responsibility to emotion, history and heritage. A predominant theme that brings these artworks together is the current ecological tensions and financial issues that China faces.

Guan Ce’s Sympathetic Memories collection is a tangible interpretation of his rational thinking, demonstrated in the form of grey, dense and emotive mountainous and wooded landscapes.

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