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Junior Chung from Surrey is an aspiring British born Chinese singer in the UK. He has a big passion for music, writing and producing his songs, and also performing at a number of gigs around the country.

Nee Hao talks to Junior to see what’s going on in his quest to follow his passion of being an artist.

What best describes your music style?

To be frank I’m influenced by everything I listen to, so much so that I genuinely wish I could fuse them all together into one big fat musical! I like to write predominantly under the genres ‘Pop’, ‘Dance’ and ‘RnB’, mainly because all the big artists I grew up listening to, that influenced me most were in these styles.
One rule I follow is, if it has us twitching and tapping our feet uncontrollably then I’m are doing something right!

Where are you from?

I was born here in the UK and have been living down south in Surrey all my life. My parents on the other hand are both from Hong Kong.

How old were you when you first started singing, and what are your musical influences?

Well let’s face it, we all wanted to be singers when we were younger! I myself began singing in a few bands from about fourteen, where generally we would find ourselves playing covers of our favourite tunes. I grew up actually listening to a tremendous amount of popular music, I’m not afraid to admit my vocal technicality and style originated from boy bands and singers such as Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake etc. But I would say today I am most influenced by artists from the likes of David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas and amazing singers such as the incredible Bruno Mars.

Junior’s recent gig in Nottingham

It’s quite hard for Oriental artists to break in to the mainstream, do you have a strategy to do overcome this?

I definitely do not see it in the same light, I believe the fact I am Chinese actually helps generate my unique, distinctive profile, I genuinely believe that the British music industry today needs an oriental artist to mix things up! In addition because of my ethnicity I am introduced to an entire new set of opportunities that others may not have access to, such as being able to have what I call ‘general’ support, but then on top a precipitous and unified support system consisting entirely of Chinese fans! Why not! It’s something we do best!

Where do you get inspiration from when writing a song, and how long does it take on average to do one?

When exploring my songwriting expeditions, you will easily catch me binding melodies together in my head wherever I may be, often letting my fingers run across a piano when possible and jotting lyrics down on the go. My personal experience is my inspiration, I use to mimic lyrics from others but now I found out you can only write something real, when it genuinely is real!
I’ve often thought about possibilities as a songwriter because funnily enough my best work is written and produced in just a day.

What gigs have you done so far?

I have performed at a collection of private, commercial and clubbing events since 2009 when I first began professional live appearances.. I can safely say I am one who is lucky enough to experience some unforgettable moments on stage, being able to musically express yourself to thousands and knowing they were there simply to enjoy the music you have to offer! It is forever exciting to have gigs ahead as you know you are only going to perform better with each one, hounding vicariously through these for an ever-bettering crowd response I suppose!

You seem to have a soulful voice, how often do you practice your vocals?

Wow I’ve never been told I have a soulful voice, it’s nice haha! , I do spend a good deal of time songwriting, something which obviously enables me to experiment and develop vocally.

What are your hobbies and interest outside of music?

I currently am happily studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University, I have always been massively involved with art since I was an annoying overweight baby! In a way I see this side of me as perhaps a safety net that I believe is important to have when you’re endeavoring on something as big and daunting as a career in music.

Do you play any instruments?

In all fairness which British Born Chinese parent hasn’t forced their kid to learn the piano?! But you know what? I always say it is one of the best things that they could of given me. Having dedicated myself to it, it has helped my songwriting more than you can imagine, if you ask those around me they would say I come to life when I play the piano.

Technically I have definitely surprised myself, if you told me three years ago I could produce and record songs to a semi-professional standard, I would of laughed you out the room! I currently use Logic Pro which is an incredible software I believe everyone should have, though only by teaching myself and through trial and error have I been able to produce the material I have today. My work is not perfect, but when you’re in a bedroom using duvets and towels as reflectors and what not, it’s tricky haha!
But at the end of the day, not to get all deep and misty, but this shows that you can surprise yourself when you want something enough; you find you will naturally make time for it.

What are your future plans?

Nobody really knows what will happen to them in years to come, like me they can only set goals to reach. Personally I would like to see myself indefinitely more established, with my music reaching listeners even from places I’ve never heard of! Well … and hopefully perhaps a sick new hairdo!

Any message you want to give here to your growing number of fans?

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have supported me from the beginning, because those are the ones who have given me the opportunity to get where I am now. But to everyone who has yet to know me, I genuinely believe only with your love and support can we hope to achieve something incredible, can we finally show that we are ‘fully qualified UK Chart contesters’?? haha! Therefore I would like to ask that more and more people take the opportunity to listen to what I have to offer, spread the word because at the end of the day… SHARING IS CARING!

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