Beautiful Hebei expo at University of Westminster

Hebei Collage copy

By David Feng 

The UK Hebei Society, the China Media Centre, the University of Westminster, the 48 Group, TIENS and the Chinese province of Hebei will be organising a new photographic exhibition of the province of Hebei, which will play co-host to the 2022 Winter Olympics with Beijing.

The expo will take place at Fyvie Hall, at the University of Westminster’s 309 Regent Street Campus, and the opening ceremony is scheduled for 31 October 2015 at 14:00.

The Chinese province of Hebei will be of increasing relevance in the years to come. With dimension much larger than the Home Counties around London, it almost fully encircles the Chinese capital and the nearby central municipality of Tianjin, and forms an integral part of the Chinese conurbation of Jing-Jin-Ji (Beijing + Tianjin + Hebei). The Jing-Jin-Ji conurbation is likely to be even more populous than Tokyo-Yokohama.

This part of China will be increasingly more visible on the world stage. The 2016 hosting of the World Horticultural Expo in Tangshan is merely a start to the most significant event of Hebei in recent years — co-hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics with Beijing. The Zhangjiakou cluster of Olympic stadia is where much of the skiing and other competitions on snow will take place. You might be very familiar with Beijing, so you may wish to learn the “full story” and see for yourselves “the other co-host” for the Games — Hebei.

Hebei, a province nearly 16 times as large as Yorkshire, is mountainous, coastal, flat, and hilly, and this unique variety of landforms and scenery makes it a unique part of northern China. To the south it borders the province of He’nan, home to the Yellow River. This exposition will showcase a part of northern China that’s of increasing relevance to the world.

All photographs being shown are grouped into four categories:

1. History of Hebei — the province is rich in historical significance

2. Magnificent Hebei — embodying the life of the province

3. Today’s Hebei — showcasing the highly developed nature of Hebei

Olympic Hebei — presenting the international sporting activities of Hebei province

The province has much to offer to the visitor and those who would work with and within Hebei, whether that be inwards, outwards or in partnership. China will be hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, with many events in Hebei, and this would be a great opportunity for Britain to be involved in organising the staging of the event. There are many business opportunities, and particularly strong links already in education between Hebei and Britain. In addition, the project for a large new international education complex within the province will produce an international centre of excellence and overseas partners are actively sought for participation.

The rest of the world is very much familiar with Beijing, but the 2022 Winter Olympics won’t be complete without Hebei. The photo exhibition, which runs through to and including 06 November 2015, will be a great opportunity for those of us interested to learn more about Hebei. Pop by, take a look, learn, and be inspired.

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