Behind Closed Doors: The first Chinese short film on domestic violence in UK

Aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence, “Behind Closed Doors” is the first short film on the subject directed to the Chinese community in the United Kingdom. The short film is part of Chinese Information and Advice Centre’s (CIAC) End Violence Against Women’s project and funded by St. James’s Ward Councillors through the Westminster City Council Neighbourhood Fund Programme.


Statistics from the Home Office (2013) shows that last year, around 1.2 million women suffered domestic abuse, over 400,000 women were sexually assaulted, 70,000 women were raped and thousands more were stalked. These crimes are often hidden away behind closed doors, with the victim suffering in silence.

Mr Edmond Yeo JP, Chairman of CIAC comments: “Domestic violence is a sensitive topic and the matter is normally hidden within the Chinese community. All staff and volunteers worked tirelessly on producing the short film and the message we want to get across is don’t suffer in silence.”

“Behind Closed Doors” was screened for the first time at Lancaster Hall Hotel on Thursday 5th September 2013.  The short film was shot in two days, with two months preparations before the real shoot. “Behind Closed Doors” revolves around a Chinese woman who is in a domestically abusive relationship. With encouragement from her friend, she speaks out and seeks for help. The film illustrates that domestic violence does not only encompass physical violence. But any incidents of controlling, coercive and threatening behaviour, psychological, sexual, financial or emotional is defined as domestic violence.


The guest speakers of the conference included Ms Joe Chen, the Film Director and Editor; Cllr Catherine West, Leader of Islington Council; Ms Isabelle Ng, PhD Candidate in the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS; DS Louise Caveen, from Westminster Community Safety Unit Metropolitan Police and Ms Mary Mason, Chief Executive of Solace Women’s Aid.

Ms Mary Mason comments: “The silence around domestic and sexual violence means many women and their children do not get access to the support they need. The Chinese Community answered this need with a highly effective and well produced film short about domestic violence. Solace Women’s Aid is delighted to be working in partnership with CIAC whose commitment to dealing with the issues is exemplary.”

The producers of “Behind Closed Doors” are CIAC’s women support staff, Ms Chau and Ms Law, including 17 volunteers from different countries and backgrounds. DS Louise Caveen from Metropolitan Police commented on the short film: “I found it extremely impactive and hope that it will encourage sufferers of domestic violence to come forward and report to the Police or another support agency”. Ms Isabella Ng further commented: “Domestic violence is not just a concept. It is a reality happening around us every day and it is a bad seed sown to our next generation.”

If you are a victim of domestic violence and are divorcing or separating from an abusive partner you may get legal aid to help. To qualify for legal aid you must pass a means test and be able to give your solicitor some evidence that you have been a victim of domestic violence by your partner.

Film crew and cast: Joe Chen (Director and Editor), Lan Anh Nguyen (Editor and 1st Assistant Director), Raymond Chan (Director of Photography), Fanzhi Teng (Sound Recordist and Light), Max Parrot (Music Composer), Mellydee (Music Composer), Kid Chen (Script Writer), Leila Wong (Actress), Yik Ka Li (Actor), Jason Chau (Child Actor), Brandon La (Child Actor)


「疼爱」- 英国第一出鼓励家庭暴力受害者站出来的中文宣传短片

旨在提高人们对家庭暴力的意识,「疼爱」的主题是家庭暴力,是针对华人社群里家庭暴力的唯一宣传影片。短片摄制资金是由西敏寺市议会邻里基金方案圣詹姆斯区拨款、华人资料及咨询中心( CIAC )终止妇女暴力项目制作。

根据内政部(2013年)的统计数据显示, “去年,约有120万妇女遭受家庭暴力,超过400,000名妇女遭到性侵犯,70,000名妇女被强奸,还有数千名妇女被跟踪。这些罪行往往被隐藏着,受害人只好哑忍。 “

CIAC主席杨庆权太平绅士称: “家庭暴力是一个敏感的话题,华人社区内更加是一种忌讳。所有工作人员和志愿者不辞劳苦地拍摄这出短片;当中就是希望传递到’别再受哑忍折磨’这个信息。


首映会议的发言嘉宾包括这次制作的导演兼编辑陈,伊斯灵顿地区政府领导人Catherine West议员、伦敦亚非学院性别研究中心的博士考生及香港教育学院讲师伍凤嫦女士; 西敏寺社区安全小组侦缉警长 Louise Caveen 及Solace妇女支援行政总裁Mary Mason女士。



「疼爱」的制作人CIAC的妇女支援人员,邹小姐和罗小姐,其中包括17名志愿者均来自不同国家及文化背景。侦缉警长Louise Caveen评论说:“这短片十分有影响力,希望可以鼓励家庭暴力受害者从黑暗走出来,向警方或其他支援机构求助” 。伍女士进一步评论说:“家庭暴力不只是一个概念。这是每天发生在我们身边的事实,更会将这个不良意识漫延至下一代。 “


特别鸣谢我们的摄制组:陈芃酉(导演、编辑) ,Lan Anh Nguyen(编辑、第一助理) ,陈庆伦(摄影指导) , 滕达(录音、灯光) ,梁悦信(配乐),Mellydee (配乐) ,陈姿颖(编剧) ,王丽雅(女演员) ,李奕嘉(男演员) ,邹颖富(小演员/ 饰男演员童年) ,罗俊伟(小演员)

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