Belle Chen – Acclaimed London-based pianist presents The World in Sounds

Acclaimed pianist Belle Chen presents a new podcast series about travel and culture – The World in Sounds.

By taking a mixture of radiophonic, documentary, and interview approaches, Chen leads the listeners through various destinations, exploring colourful cultures and history through sounds heard and people met.

The pilot season of The World in Sounds takes the listeners through port cities of Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Genoa, and Porto. In these digestible 30-minute episodes, Chen uncovers the lifestyle, culture, and hidden local gems of the cities through sounds and music that are picked up while exploring the city.

Following what is heard audially on each trip, Chen discusses topics ranging from architecture, music, languages, cuisine, art, social science and more. She curates a carefully selected range of field recordings and music as sonic guidance, and interviews selected locals from each location, giving further insight of each city’s residents, lifestyle, and viewpoints.

The World in Sounds is co-produced in collaboration with Eddie Liu (S.E. Film Production)


To Listen:

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About Belle Chen

Belle Chen, an acclaimed London-based pianist, has been making a name for her unique travel- inspired music, which has caught the attention of industry heavyweights including Brian Eno, BBC Radio 3, and James Rhodes. Her past discography reads like a travelogue – albums such as Listen, London (2014), Mediterranean Sounds (2016), Mademoiselle (2017) include works that integrate classical music, field recordings, and later on electronics – all created with the vision to recreate particular moods or experiences observed in various locations.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Australia, Chen had developed a natural curiosity to different cultures, societies, and people through her upbringing. In The World in Sounds, Chen extends her passion for travel beyond the confines of classical music genre.

Since 2016, Chen has been endorsed by Arts Council England under the Exceptional Talent visa scheme.

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