Between East and West Exhibition at LSE

Award-winning photographer Mike Tsang opens a ground breaking, free photographic exhibition showcasing the fascinating stories of the British Born Chinese and their families’ lives in Britain. 

Featuring ten photographic portraits, archival imagery and written interviews,Tsang presents Between East and West: an exhibition exploring the heritage of this emerging community in the UK. Through the combination of Eastern and Western values, the subjects form part of a unique third culture that shapes Chinese influence in 21st Century Britain.

Lord Nat Wei
“As the only active Chinese Peer, I do feel a huge weight, being potentially able to champion certain causes that are closer to Chinese people. But I think it’s very important avoid being boxed as ‘the Chinese Peer’ and only talk about things relating to China, as then your impact may not be as great as it could be.”

Don Mei

Zoe Chan
Zoe Chan: “If people asked me I would say I was British because I’ve lived in Britain my whole life…it was simpler that way. Obviously I look Chinese…but I was never that comfortable saying I was Chinese because I never spoke the language.”
Don Mei: “I remember as child hearing my father speaking while I was in bed, then walking downstairs to see him with a newspaper furiously practicing his English! He was so determined to fit in and not be considered an outsider in the UK…it was integration for him.”


Exhibition Details:
Mon 23 February – Wed 1 April 2015
The London School of Economics,
Atrium Gallery (LSE Old Building),
Houghton Street,
London WC2A 2AE

Free entry, Mon to Fri 10.00am – 8.00pm



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